What is Mobi Promo?

Mobi Promo is the mobile advertising network with more than 40 partner
. When you use them all together, they work in perfect synergy to
create a “Great mobile advertising campaign”… with a great reach of more
than 15 million mobile users monthly.

If you’re just starting out, Mobi Promo will give you everything you need to
become a savvy advertiser and launch your mobile campaign in a few

If you’re Digital Marketing Agency, Mobi Promo can exponentially increase
your Client’s promotional campaigns and help you build a powerful system
for managing all the clients from one single place.

Mobi Promo is an advertising network
platform that delivers the advertisements on
it’s Partners mobile websites.

According to the latest statistic data, 79.2% of the total population aged 15
-74 used the Internet in the first quarter of 2019, and 68.7% used it daily or
almost daily.

The mobile phone was the most used device, 68.8% for internet access
among internet users in this period. 91.8% of people aged 15 to 24 have
accessed the Internet via mobile devices. 79.1% of 25-54-year-olds accessed
the Internet via a mobile device, compared to 33.5% of 55-74-year-olds.