Away from the eyes, far from the heart. But that’s why Mobi Promo is here!

Which businesses are dying fast? How to get the business out of the eternal struggle for survival and start growing?
The fastest dying businesses are those that have not created sufficiently high awareness among the target group of consumers and do not have sufficient demand for their products! The growth is a result of increased awareness and easy recognition of the brand, which in turn is directly related to sales growth.

Why is effective, continuous, and targeted promotion needed? Because of SELL! In the age of digital marketing, consumers are exposed to about 3,000-10,000 promotional messages a day, which is why they ignore and forget many of them, and remember only the messages that seem more familiar or important to them. Brands, because of this, face a big problem that directly affects sales – the inability to find the top in the mind of the consumer and be a potential first choice when buying. However, the good news is that this is a process we can significantly influence, through targeted and continuous repetition of the brand message online, with the innovative Mobi Promo promotional tool.

Therefore, every business is faced with several key issues:
Does he want his brand awareness to grow and be among the first in the minds of consumers when making a purchase decision? Does he want consumers to buy from him more often and more than from his competitors? Is it aimed at creating value for consumers through proper communication with them? Does he know how his competitors think about the same topics and do they do anything about it?

If the answers to these questions are NO, then the business does not need the further content of this text, BUT if at least one of the answers is YES, then the solution to the stated problems is presented below. Mobi Promo is a unique promotional tool/platform that quickly increases brand awareness and the opportunity to gain new customers and sales through online promotion.
The latest trends in communication with consumers show that most of them (about 80%), from all generations – carriers of demand (generation X (36-54 years), generation Millennium / Y (25-35 years) and generation Z (under 25)) seek information online (on internet portals and social media) through their smartphones. But due to the great competition and the difficult visibility of social media, it is time for the business to stand out and be easily visible through a new powerful channel – Moby promo and internet media. Consumers also want brands to interact with them both in normal times and in times of crisis.

Mobi Promo enables efficient automated communication by creating an advertisement for the target audience, which can be placed simultaneously on over 40 most visited and relevant internet portals in the country (in Macedonian and Albanian), in several different categories – informative, business, sports and entertainment portals (I want to say; Focus; Coffee break; Nova Makedonija; Business info;; Utrinski Vesnik; Free Press; AlsatM; Alba Sport and others), with over 15 million monthly views from a mobile device.
Unlike TV and radio advertising or billboards, posters, flyers, brochures … for which we can say with certainty that “half of the advertising money is spent/thrown away, it is not known which half” (John Wanamaker), Moby Promo successfully solves this problem:
Detailed analytics is obtained to measure the results of the campaign (number of views, number of unique users, number of clicks, frequency, efficiency) in real-time and the course of investing the funds.

At the same time, depending on the effectiveness, changes can be made to the current campaign in real-time.
Mobi Promo works on the basis of simple and accessible software, in 3 simple steps:
Create a lifetime free business profile on our platform, in just 2-3 minutes;
You create the ad in the form of a banner with content that you want to be displayed on the selected internet portals and seen by the target group on their smartphones (promotional promotions, new product/service, new payment method, new online store …) and activate it for time and budget to your liking and need;
Follow the analysis and witness the growth of visibility and awareness of the brand and interest in the products/services of the business!

For our clients we immediately provide resources for creating campaigns:
A short guide to using the platform;
A Short Guide to Designing Effective Banner Content;
10 free pre-designed banner templates;
Support – 24/7 for each client through the Chat Support system.
Free expertise and assistance in creating the first marketing campaign.